Generating Content

Sometimes when doing search engine optimization work, it can be difficult to come up with a steady stream of content in order to make the wheels of the machine turn.

After all, a lot of the work with influencing results has to do with creating content that will point the search engine in this direction. In a way, it is kind of like counting cards. You have to play the game and make bets without letting the dealer (in our case the engine) know that you know how to beat him.


Keeping the content coming

Not feeling creative enough to write two hundred and fifty words on some kind of topic? No worries. There are a couple mental exercises that you can do that will help you squeeze more words out of your brain than ever. If you’re interested, keep reading, because we’ve listed them below.

Tell a story

One way to keep generating content is to tell a story. This gives you a lot of words and consequently a lot of traction for influencing results. Remember, the story doesn’t necessarily have to be true. It just has to be believable and somewhat related to the topic.

Once you have been writing for a little while, make sure that you can tie the story back into the topic of the post or page. In this manner, you’ll have generated relevant content for your  blog or website. This can in turn be used to influence other sites. Congrats! You’ve done it.

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Setting up Privacy

When doing search engine optimization work, you have to maintain  a certain amount of stealth on the internet. This is because many search engines do not want you to influence results and rankings that already exist. Getting “caught” by a search corporation could result in having your work destroyed. Worse yet, they could try to monitor your actions to try to ensure that you can’t do anything else to them.

What to do?

Being stealthy on the internet is not always easy. It can sometimes be hard to do things that are difficult to track by major search engines. However, there are ways to go about your optimization work without the engines knowing. Below, we’ve included a few tips and tricks to aid you in your work so that you can stay invisible to the Man. Keep on reading for all of the details!


One of the things that you can do when setting up your blogs that will influence other areas of the internet is set up privacy when you are installing the blog template and registering the domain name.

Setting up your privacy can keep you from being spied on by other people who want to know what you’re doing.

Sometimes, setting up privacy can cost some money. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is most likely worth it to do so in order for you to stay protected on the internet.

One thing to make you rest easy is that the price of setting up privacy is not too steep. It is usually about ten dollars a year.

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